Do you have low Self-Esteem?There are multiple factors that can influence your self-esteem. Your childhood, society, the media, and people in your life can all add or take away from how you feel about yourself. Studies have shown that people who have an unhealthy self-esteem are more likely to experience fatigue, anxiety, and depression.


If you have low self-esteem versus high self-esteem, then it is likely that it will impact on your ability to parent effectively. You may find you lack the confidence to make decisions or second-guess whether you are doing things the right way for your child or in any other area of your life.

Causes of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is where you have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. These usually stem from negative life experiences such as:

  • Childhood abuse/ neglect
  • A parent(s) who were highly critical of you
  • You were rejected by a parent(s)
  • Your parents were overprotective
  • Stressful life experiences in adolescence or adulthood

Negative experiences in childhood can be the foundation for negative core beliefs which are associated with low self-esteem.

Common negative beliefs

Core beliefs are internal “I” statements that we make on an unconscious level because of our past experiences. Negative core beliefs may include:

  • I am unworthy
  • I am unlovable
  • I am unwanted
  • I don’t belong
  • I am powerless
  • I am nothing
  • I am not real
  • I am defective
  • I am worthless
  • I am unsafe
  • I am not whole

Do any of these seem familiar to you?

All of these have a common theme, the feeling that “I am not good enough.”

Choose one of these that you most relate with and reflect on when you began to believe this statement. What was happening in your life at the time?
What experiences may have reinforced the belief?